Radio Program, Voices in the Family, Spotlights Chronic Pain Research

In my opinion, the most exciting link I have shared with all of you in my segment “Chronic Pain in the News.”  An interview with Dr. Mogil, a pain geneticist and Dr. Garland, a professor of social work who has  developed a method called M.O.R.E. (Mindfulness Oriented Recovery Enhancement), which uses mindfulness meditation to decrease symptoms of chronic pain.  Moderated by Dr. Dan Gottlieb, his wonderful and insightful interview with these two scholars touches on topics of pain as a disease, the social isolation and stigma that chronic pain sufferers often feel, new treatments, discoveries, and theories of the disease, compassion and empathy, and when acute pain becomes chronic, among many other topics.  A side note, Dr. Dan Gottlieb is not only talented in the art of interview, but also in writing and blogs for the Huffington Post and The Christopher and Dana Reeves Foundation.  He also has a new book out this week entitled: The Wisdom We’re Born With: Restoring Our Faith in Ourselves.  This interview is well worth a listen.  I hope you enjoy this thoughtful and thought-provoking interview as much as I did.


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