The Relationship Between Physical and Emotional Pain

Earlier this week, I published a post entitled: “The Love Blog! The Therapeutic Qualities of Love?”  In that piece, I researched and wrote about how viewing a romantic partner’s photograph reduced pain levels evidenced by verbal reports and fMRI imaging.  Furthermore, women who held the hand of their partner in pain had brain regions responsible for neural rewards-processing activated.  Individuals that saw their friends experience social rejection experienced stimulation in the part of the brain responsible for physical pain processing. Coincidentally, last week an article was published in Medical News Today reporting similar findings.  Specifically, that when an individual actually experienced social rejection and physical pain or witnessed a friend’s rejection and physical pain, the area of the brain corresponding to sensory processing of physical pain was triggered. This research adds further evidence about the ability to empathize with others in physical and emotion pain.  We can “feel your pain” so to speak. It is a short and interesting read.


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  1. Thanks for your comment. That is really interesting. I would love to hear why you feel that way.

  2. Almost makes me feel depressed thinking of that

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