Handling the Emotional Fallout from Chronic Pain

It’s not just in our heads nor is it purely physical. “Imagine knowing that when you get up in the morning the pain is still going to be there, and if you get out of bed it’s going to get worse. Pain is depressing, and when you’re told to learn to live with it, it just closes the door” says Penney Cowan, director of the American Chronic Pain Association. This is a great article because it highlights that the diagnosis of a pained life is an emotionally daunting one and that bodily sensations and emotions are both filtered through the brain and cannot be untied from each other. The best way forward, as the article suggests, is to devise treatment and coping skills equipped to tackle the complexities of suffering. It’s a short article but a compelling one.



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  1. Reblogged this on It's a lonely place and commented:
    A great article found by para la fridas on pain and how we manage it x

  2. Really great article I enjoyed reading both x

    1. I’m so glad you found value in it. It really resonated with me when she said that her depression was mitigated when she started experiencing a multidisciplinary program where she met other pain patients. That is part of the reason why I started this blog. Equally, I enjoyed your post on “what’s love got to do with it.” It was highly creative and I love that song. I exercise to it, in fact, and have to catch myself from belting it out at the fitness center!

      1. Yes we have a pain management programme Availavle but only when you’ve given up hope elsewhere which is quite annoying lol so I am not allowed to go there. Thank you re my love post 🙂

        Ps I have had a man who I’ve not spoken with at all just reblog quite a few of my posts quite personal ones. His blog is only re blogs nothing else none of his own work. I noticed he re blogged some of your posts and someone else I know. I’m not that comfortable with this. I don’t mind if one has a rapport and are a kindred spirit but just to be a complete stranger and re blogging with no word or additional work or similar vein from themselves quite annoying. I don’t know how you feel about this? I’ve asked him to delete my posts off his site as it leads back to my name stuff about my kids etx which I don’t think relevant for his blog. Unfortunately though he doesn’t have to remove my posts if he doesn’t want 😦

      2. I don’t mind the reblog because it is my pieces I research, articles I share, and a poem but I completely understand your concern. Your work is more personal and a glimpse into your daily life and background so your hesitation is very much understood. I think there is a feature on wordpress where you can approve comments and reblogs. Let me think about where it is located and I’ll get back to you. xoxo

      3. Ah yes Iooked in to it, in fact WP just did a post all about re-blogs, v interesting. You can make your whole site private but I don’t want to do that, and realistically you cannot stop re blogs unless you do that, it is really a matter of etiquette, but i guess it is a risk you take isnt it. big huggles x

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