C. Luepkes, 2014

I started a camp-fire down the rabbit-hole yesterday

And I fanned it with my molting spring feathers

My body looked leaner in the flames shadow

I sure wish you could have been there

It would be a tight fit

You and I down this rabbit-hole

But the company would have been nice

Like two bouncing fireflies caught in a child’s small hand

I wish you would have at least tried to be there

Today, I even used my survivor’s kit

And began a long summer read

It is about a great man

In a state of hesitancy

It would have been better if you could have been there

Last night was a bit daunting

I shined my flashlight to the top of the rabbit-hole

I pulled out my best dinnerware

You know, the ones with the design of cut flowers

And accidentally set you a plate

It almost felt like you were there

After all the sweeping

It is really starting to feel like home

I even hung up our favorite picture

And slightly crooked, too

Just how you prefer it

Still, I really wish you would at least come for a visit

Down this rabbit-hole

Poem written by author of this blog.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Haha! You’re funny. When I first had surgery on my back to relieve pressure off of my spinal cord, I lost 2 years to recovery. It was a fight to get back to some normalcy. I would often say that I felt like I fell down the rabbit-hole into a new world. So, this poem is reference to that. It is also about getting comfortable–maybe too comfortable–in that new world. Last, it’s about loneliness. Asking someone to sit with you in that moment. To be with you in that moment.

  2. Beautiful poem but it confused me a little as to who it was in the rabbit hole it was sort of like Alice in Wonderland or am I wrong? Lol

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