Today, I Was A Real Girl

If you suffer from chronic pain or a chronic illness condition, “normal days” do not seem as though they used to–or at least as how we remember them. When they do come, they are special, touched with the greatest appreciation and with sadness. Sometimes we cram as much as we can into them because we know the feeling will not last. This is an amazing post by the blog: “Eating Disorders All Grown Up” authored by Ella M. It is about that bittersweet experience of the “good days” but it is also about the recognition that those intensely painful days are fleeting as well. Importantly, it is a call for kindness to ourselves and our bodies on whatever day you are currently experiencing and for whatever may come tomorrow. It deeply touched me and as I told the author I read it twice: once to myself and once out loud. It is a truly meaningful post.

Eating Disorders Grow Up

Pics by Ella Pics by Ella

Today was one of those functional days. You know, the ones where you actually get stuff done. Maybe other people aren’t particularly proud of themselves for doing laundry or going to the grocery store or doing the dishes, but hot damn, I sure as hell was.

I forget sometimes what it’s like to feel okay (or even okay-adjacent). It feels like that moment when you reach the top of a really long staircase–you catch your breath, the burn in your legs starts to mellow, you stretch your legs out…and walking suddenly feels like floating, it’s so much easier.

And so I try to hang on to days like these, to stuff them away in my Open in Case of Desperation box, so that I can pull them out later when I forget that there are good days and that good days are badass.

It’s also nice to…

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  1. You’re welcome. It is indeed special and a post that very much spoke to me. Thanks for reading.

  2. A beautiful, corageous post and commentary. Thank you for bringing it to more people.

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