Someday Dedication

photo taken by author of this blog.
photo taken by author of this blog.

Someday Dedication

(C. Luepkes, 2014)

Seduced by the smell of coffee

Guatemala, jazz, and the sound of rain falling in my cupped hand

Someday more delicate than a thread

You will eventually reach for me

Behind the sun setting on Tower Bridge

Someday, I’ll see that certain angel carried by the sun

Riding like in your favorite poem

I’ll place bottles by the window

To hear the wind tonight

To hear her surviving song

Someday, start preparing for the wake

Of all those harrowing yesterdays

For tonight is like the seashore

Under the darkness is a night

Softer than anything you’ve felt before

Someday, I’ll cross the sky in my heart

Like a child watching a plane make streaks of white

Oh, come to me quietly and we’ll watch that space close

Like two aging sequoia trees

And lately I’m reminded more often

To dance in the interior of those changing days

Because hope always returns to you

Like sand in your shoes after a day at the beach

We always talk about these things

Possibility, love, and beauty

When they are not drawn to the lanterns inside our bodies

But when we are silent and still as an August day

They meet and play resembling those years before

Like violins serenades in the background of our soul

Poem written by author of this blog.


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  1. I love how you credit the photo lol.

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