For Kaira

For Kaira

Come out today

And do not hold back your heart gently

I have carved a passageway

For you to free those moving years

Hold your heart like your hand

Out the window of a speeding cavalcade

Flying by the wind-broke land

Come out today

And dance as Kaira would

Under the tree, in the shade

Suspended into heaven in her bare feet

Come with the sound

With the rustle of her wings

With every move she rises more

Like heat steam off the concrete

Come out today

And cast your shadow large

It is as the great climbers of Ketu say

They could see Karakoram’s silhouette

Descending into China

Oh, come out today

And shake the darkness out of your boot

For the sun is rising just a globe away

If you come out today

We’ll float at midnight in the Irish Sea

With those bright stars falling heavy

On us, they are in us, electrifying you and me

Come out today, my love

And hear my song of willingness

Come out past the seasons and the ocean

Past the haste and the quest

Come out past the feet and the wings

Come out past all this and other things

C. Luepkes (2014)


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