“Pain In Focus”: A New Photography Project By Fellow Blogger

A fellow blogger who writes about her personal struggles with chronic pain and provides links to resources for those who struggle with the disease is beginning a new creative project.  As a photographer, she has channeled her private battle with the disease of chronic pain into art and is now planning to embark on a new creative endeavor that spotlights the emotions, struggles, triumphs, and hidden reality of this disease.  In her own words:

I plan on starting a project called “Pain in Focus“. My mission for this project is that it will encourage individuals to use photography to express and share their feelings about, and the reality of, living with chronic pain. I hope to have the project “live” by November for National Pain Awareness Week. Please check my blog for updates or email me at info@chronicpainsupport.ca.

Her plans to make visible an invisible disease that affects the lives of so many people across the globe is a highly innovative, interesting, and deeply personal project. If you are interested in participating or know someone who is, again you can contact her at info@chronicpainsupport.ca. You can also find out more information and follow her blog at  http://healingchronicbackpain.wordpress.com/.




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