Exhibiting Pain Home

A fellow chronic pain blogger, member of our community, and PhD candidate has created a research project entitled “Exhibiting Pain” and would appreciate your participation. “Exhibiting Pain” is a research project designed to analyze how creativity can help to communicate the affects of living with long-term physical pain. The exhibition includes art, textiles, and poetry and its aim is to look at how the viewer interprets the representation of pain differently, i.e., do people who experience pain interpret the meaning of the pieces differently than people without pain.

You can participate by visiting the exhibition and commenting on particular works or fill out the feedback form attached to her site. She also has a facebook page,  https://www.facebook.com/groups/exhibitingpain/, that provides additional information. She is hoping to gather enough responses in the next two months so any audience reflection is welcomed and no specialist knowledge or experience is required.


Gallery showing life with persistent/Chronic physical pain

Source: Exhibiting Pain Home


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